As a tech industry leader, I know we can address our biggest issues with smart innovation. We can create the jobs of the future, reduce the damage resulting from pollution, and keep the Port on budget while boosting the economy of King County and Washington State.

The environment

New technology is leading to new ways to transport people and goods. It goes without saying that the Port must utilize the best of the new technology currently available, but I want to do more.

I will work with the universities in Washington, such as Washington State University—which was selected to co-lead the new Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and the Environment, to foster the invention of future-tech and future-fuel. WSU is on the verge of devising new fuel cell systems that directly convert bio-based jet fuels to electricity for on-board power systems employed in new, more electric aircraft. These next generation future-fuels are on the cutting edge of sustainable energy; the energy to power our planes, ships, trains, and trucks. To lead the way, the Port must invest with the intent to expand this research.

Transportation Electrification
The state legislature passing HB 1512 is important. It means the Port can invest in electric vehicles. The trucks and trains that carry goods to and from the Port push out tons of air pollution. This pollution is a threat to the neighborhoods in south Seattle. Just as the noise and air pollution from the airport is disproportionately harming the residents of SeaTac, Burien, Normandy Park, Des Moines, Beacon Hill, and Tukwila, the neighborhoods of the Seattle Southside already face the region’s highest-ranking for air pollution. The families in south Seattle have childhood asthma hospitalization rates that are twice the King County average. I want to aggressively electrify the Port’s vehicle fleet.

Duwamish Cleanup
Environmental justice includes realistic solutions that prove successful outcomes. Despite the December 2014 release of the EPA’s final cleanup plan or “Record of Decision,” we still have a lot of work to do. As of 2017, the Washington State Department of Health had determined that the Lower Duwamish River’s crabs, resident bottom-feeders, and other shellfish unsafe. Despite warnings, many in our south King County populations still fish in that waterway. The Port of Seattle must make finishing this clean up a priority. With my community engagement leadership background will help facilitate meeting with the public to build successful partnerships and keep the community informed of the progress and continued efforts of the port.

Noise Pollution
The Port must do more to support the families living under the flight path of SeaTac airport. I will advocate for the utilization of levy authority to help mitigate the adverse effects felt by neighborhoods affected by SeaTac flight traffic. We should also work with the airlines and the FAA on utilizing increased glide slopes and potential “quiet times” or curfew times. The Port should support the homeowners that are affected even after the home is built with funds for upgrades and maintenance.

Partners in a Clean Future
I will work with the other west coast ports to standardize our Clean Air and Water strategies. I believe we need to update the memorandum of understanding banning the discharges of waste by cruise ships at our docks.

Economic Development

I want to train the next generation of workers. Marine Technology offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary vocational, technical, and scientific marine occupations.

World Class Research and Development Center
The port approved the building of the Innovation Maritime Center – but I want to do more. I want it to be a larger world class research development center that will have the best scientists in the world to research orcas, marine life, and climate change. I want our port to lead the world in demonstrating how we can continue to grow our maritime economy while being better stewards of our environment.

I will expand Port internships and apprenticeships in the biological sciences, environmental and marine sciences, and geological oceanographic instrumentation to ensure that the youth of King County know that the Port is a driver of opportunity. I want to specifically recruit women and historically underrepresented populations until our staff reflects the diversity of our county.

I will work with universities and colleges to encourage them to add maritime and aviation professional degrees in leadership and engineering or related fields to encourage future leadership at our port facilities. I would also like to see the Port open an office dedicated to this partnership to help guide the aviation and maritime workers of tomorrow.

A Living Wage
I support regular wage increases tied to the cost of living increases. I want the Port of Seattle to be a leader in living wages so that our people are not continually priced out of our cities. As a commissioner, I will only agree to contracts with companies that agree to pay prevailing wages and honor regional standards.

Terminal 5
I want to complete the Terminal 5 construction contract
. I support full utilization of T5 and keeping it and all terminals operational at all times. With Terminal 5 This is an opportunity to build an environmental state of the art terminal that can be an example to the world …. this needs more.

Jewel of the World
I want to expand our regional and international tourism
. I have a vision of an Environmental Technology boom that other governments will be inspired by. The goal is to highlight the achievements of a technologically advanced, environmentally sound, growing economy for our friends around the world. After all, we cannot reverse the damage and the looming climate crisis if the other governments are still polluting.  

I want to reintroduce a state tourism commission that will consider the economic growth of Seattle Puget sound area and State. We need a strong focus on the increasing tourism that will make it fair to all regions in our state.  The Port has taken leadership in tourism planning, but this should be a collaborative effort with other sister ports. A statewide investment and effective strategic planning are necessary to ensure our state continues to be the jewel of the world.

Support for Small Business
I will use my decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes to support our local small businesses. I will work to expand contract opportunities for small businesses and improve supply chains. I will advocate that the port offer and invest in pre-planning classes for small businesses before bids are submitted to help prepare local firms for success. I will collaborate with SBA, banks, and other funding sources to encourage more funding for small businesses to sustain growth.

INCLUSION and civil rights

Local small businesses, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses are key to the future economy, especially in south King County. I will ensure that the Port of Seattle includes these businesses in development plans.

Expanding Our Community
The Port of Seattle has decided to hire a Director of Equity and Inclusion. It is important that we have commissioners with some experience in Diversity and Inclusion work. I will use my decades of experience in the areas of Diversity, Social Justice and Civil Rights to work with this director to shape the goals the Port has as well as to reach out to the surrounding communities.

Equity in Contracting
It is the Port’s stated goal to triple the amount of business done with Women/Minority Business Enterprises. As your Port Commissioner, I will not only make sure we reach this goal, but I will increase the amount of outreach, support, and training offered to WMBEs to ensure they have the guidance needed to be successful partners of the Port.