For Seattle Port Commission, Position 2

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"I am Nina Martinez. I have been a businesswoman, activist and mentor for decades. I want to bring my business experience and working with community to the Seattle Port Commission. I have practiced—whether in business negotiations or working with the community—the art of listening and effectively creating solutions that all parties can agree on. I have worked with all sides of political spectrum and my goal as your port commissioner is to make sure you are heard and better informed of the Port’s role in service to you. With my career experiences, I know the Port of Seattle will remain competitive in future industries of the world and continue to be successful for our state and the Pacific Northwest. If you have questions, please send an email to”



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I am so happy to endorse, and support Nina Martinez for Port Commissioner. We need Port Commissioners who come to neighboring cities around the airport and listen to our residents struggling with the side effects of living around the airport. I have known Nina Martinez for many years, and I am happy she is stepping up to represent us at the Port. She is a strong supporter of good paying jobs. She also understands the importance of apprenticeships for people wanting to learn a trade. Her unique experience in advocacy, civic engagement and communication will help bridge the disconnect cities have had with the Port.
— Jimmy Matta, Mayor of Burien
Nina is energetic, compassionate, and smart. She understands business, and knows that successful employees need successful employers.
— Michael Fox, Retired King County Superior Court Judge
I am very pleased to hear that you are throwing your hat in the ring. You have for so long created change alongside your community partners. I’m happy to hear that you will potentially be the forefront representing the interests of our communities.
— Rosa Peralta, Senior Director of Community Based Health